Interview : Babin

Babin, a Berlin-based dj and producer, gives us some hints about his music, projects and influences.

How long have you been producing your own music for ? What is your background ?

 I produce for 7 months now. Before that I just had a few glimpses at Ableton Live from time to time. I never really understood what I did there, but had the basics concept of electronic music from years of DJing. So I was kind of naturally, but subliminally drawn to production in addition to the role that listening and analyzing music already played in my life. By the time of writing my Bachelor’s degree thesis in Biology I’ve already resumed playing the piano and taken singing classes, so music actively played such big role in my daily routine, that for the first time I considered to make a living from it. Subsequently, I enrolled in an online music theory and production course and prepared for the entrance exam to study Audio-design in my hometown Berlin. I am really looking forward to participate in all kinds of projects and definitely found the right thing to do, eventually!

 Which genres influence you ? Why techno ? Why are you particularly drowned to this music genre ?

 I believe, that music, which you get to listen to when you were a child are your true roots. This is where imprinting happens. My mother sung in a choir when she was young, so I guess, I got a bit from that. But with my mother I even more connect the daily 70s and 80s radio program, to which I could sing along to every song. But the main early influence, which I can remember is my father listening to Pink Floyd. This was where the magic happens and it still does when I listen to it today.

 The thing I like about is the groove and the rooms, where you’re getting put into. The sounds are so abstract, but you can still somehow relate to them, because your most basic perceptions get triggered and somehow you can imagine in which environment you were put by the artist. Often, there’s this distance to every element. When you listen to Techno for a longer time, you actually forget about the kick being right there and just dive in these rooms. There lies the esthetic aspect for me.

Nevertheless, I am not only drawn to Techno. What’s also great is the whole Lo-Fi genre. Just hip-hop beats or basic house tracks with this special warm and cozy sound design are perfect for me to feel comfortable. Through playing the piano and the huge record collection of my grandfather I also came in contact with classical music from early on. Visiting the Berliner Philharmoniker is still the ne plus ultra experience for me in this field.

If your music was a story, what would it tell ?

For Techno I would say I quite like to relate to moods and their translation into atmospheres. That was always my approach when I was playing as a DJ and I think that kind of translated to my production approach. So I would guess, that the story my tracks are telling is the representation of what resonated with me in this particular moment. I see a certain deepness for general life in this viewpoint, on which I worked on to develop for a long time now and try to cultivate in my daily life. Only when you’re in resonance with yourself, there will be true meaning for you. If that’s making people dance as well, that kind of expression of resonance only makes me happier.

Do you have any influences ?

At the moment I am absolutely fascinated by the Giegling crew. Especially Traumprinz/Prince of Denmark is really one of a kind. I still don’t know, what makes him different, but there’s so much soul and sense for his own style, although he also copies sometimes. But the amount of subtle differences in the detail to keep the few main elements attractive is awesome. I also pre-ordered the new Kettenkarrussel EP, to which I am reeaaally looking forward to listen to!

 What’s next ?

 You can listen to my latest track here:

In the near future I am hoping to release my own EP, we’ll see.

You can follow Babin here.

Interview by Sarah-Louise Maillet