Inga Copeland

Inga Copeland (Alina Astrova) is a Russian born electronic music producer and singer. She is also the other half of the electronic & mysterious duo Hype Williams (with Dean Blunt, another talented electronic music producer).

Her music is mainly dark, tortured, melancholic and poetic, lost between ambient, electronic and trip-hop vibes and atmospheres. Her song Smitten from the album Because I’m Worth It is emblematic of her melancholic, dark though poetic style : “He asked me not to love. But I did, but I did. It’s not as easy. He asked me to be true. Said I would, say I would. It’s not that easy… Why don’t you ask me to go my way ?” She puts her own style with her fragile and soft broken voice, far from the mainstream electronic music scene.

Inga Copeland will be playing for the party The Wire presents : Shackleton & Inga Copeland at The Jazz Café in Camden (London) on February the 10th.




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