Léa Peckre

Lea Peckre is a Parisian Fashion Designer born in 1984 and launched her own brand and first collection “Flowers are in born in shadows” for Paris Fashion Week (PFW) FW13-14.

Two years after she launched her first collection “Part I” in the official schedule of PFW SS15 in Hôtel de Ville. Her next SS16 collection “Pearls are born in the dust” will be showed at Institut du Monde Arabe. Her last FW16 collection was showed at Palais de Tokyo.

She collaborated with De Gris, De La Forge and Maison Lejaby.

Recently she launched her first FW16 campaign with Pierre Debusschere.




Lea Peckre plays with androgyn style, switching borders between male and female even though her brand isn’t unisex. Her fabrics are high-quality material, her design and patterns elegant, simple and futurist. Her collections indirect simplicity break the classics using laces, pleats, tights, large and assymetric patterns.

You can see and follow her work here :

Article : Sarah-Louise Maillet


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